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Graffiti Removal Services in Oklahoma City

Chrome Pressure Washing specializes in removing unwanted spray paint and graffiti from homes and commercial properties, ensuring your property remains in pristine condition.

Here’s our process:

      1. Application: We start by applying our graffiti remover solution with a pump-up sprayer onto the affected surface.
      2. Agitation: After spraying the solution, we agitate the chemical into the paint stain using a hard bristle brush. This step ensures that the paint is thoroughly broken down by the chemical.
      3. Dwell Time: After agitating the stain for 3-5 minutes, we apply another layer of the chemical and let it sit for an additional 10 minutes without further agitation.
      4. Removal: Once the chemical has set for 10 minutes, we use 225°F high-pressure water to rinse off the stain. The high temperature and pressure cause the stain to melt away.


    This meticulous process ensures that all traces of graffiti and spray paint are effectively removed, leaving your property looking as good as new.

    For top-notch graffiti removal services in Oklahoma City, trust the professional pressure washing team at Chrome Pressure Washing in Oklahoma City!

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    Location: Oklahoma City

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