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Deck Power Washing Services in Edmond, Oklahoma

Deck Power Washing Services in Edmond, Oklahoma

Chrome Pressure Washing was recently called to clean a deck in Edmond, Oklahoma. This deck had been neglected for over a decade, with algae growth accumulating since it was originally stained. Having encountered similar situations many times, we knew exactly how to tackle it. 

Our Process:

      1. Chemical Application: We began by applying a wood and plant-friendly chemical to loosen the algae.
      2. Surface Agitation: Next, we agitated the surface with a brush for about 5-10 minutes, ensuring the chemical penetrated the deck’s pores.
      3. Dwell Time: After allowing the chemical to dwell for 10 minutes, we started rinsing the deck with low-pressure hot water.
      4. Gentle Rinsing: Using hot water, high pressure isn’t necessary. With low pressure, we gently removed all the algae, restoring the deck to its original condition. 


    The deck looked brand new, and the customer was extremely pleased. Thanks to our hot water cleaning method and industry expertise, we were able to achieve outstanding results and make this customer very happy. 

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    Location: Edmond

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