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Dumpster Pad / Unloading Dock Cleaning In OKC

Unloading Dock Cleaning In OKC

Chrome Pressure Washing in Oklahoma City was recently called by Penn Square Mall to clean the entire unloading dock area, including the compactor, dumpster, and underneath the trailer. The area was cluttered with trash, built-up debris, and a clogged drain.

Our Process:

      1. Initial Cleanup: We started by manually removing all trash, leaves, and other items from the ground and drain.
      2. Surface Preparation: We then swept and blew the entire concrete pad, eliminating all excess glass and dirt buildup.
      3. Degreaser Application: Once the prep work was done, we applied a strong degreaser to the entire pad and let it dwell for 10 minutes to break up grease and dirt stains.
      4. Pressure Washing: After the dwell time, we pressure washed the area with hot water. The combination of hot water and strong degreaser effectively broke up the stains.
      5. Final Rinse: Once the pad was surface cleaned, we thoroughly rinsed it to ensure no stains, dirt, or mud were left behind.


    This meticulous process ensures that the entire unloading dock area is clean and free of debris. For exceptional commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City, trust the professional team at Chrome Pressure Washing!

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