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Concrete Resurfacing Job 

Concrete Resurfacing Job 

This Oklahoma City customer wanted their concrete driveway repaired and resurfaced. They needed the old black paint removed, cracks fixed, the surface leveled, and a new finish applied. We provided an estimate, which the customer accepted, and began work the next day.

First, we pressure washed the entire driveway to clean it thoroughly. Next, we cleaned all the cracks, sanded down high spots, filled in the cracks, and leveled the surface as much as possible. With the driveway prepped, we mixed our dyed concrete and started the application process.

We applied the concrete one section at a time, spreading it evenly across the driveway. After the first coat, we knocked off old trail marks and flaking paint before applying the second coat. This is essential for a clean finish! This process was repeated for the third and final coat. Once the customer saw the transformation, they were thrilled with the results.

Call Chrome Pressure Washing (405-633-3673) in Oklahoma City for concrete resurfacing! 

Location: Oklahoma City

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