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Post Construction Pressure Washing Services In Oklahoma 

Post Construction Pressure Washing Services In Oklahoma 

Chrome Pressure Washing recently completed a major post-construction cleanup at Andy’s Frozen Custard in Norman, Oklahoma, where the parking lot was buried under mountains of red dirt. Chrome Pressure Washing took on the task.


Clean the 32 sq ft parking lot. Removing all dirt debris & prepping the surface for a seal coat treatment.

Our Process:

      1. Initial Dirt Removal: We began by using backpack blowers to remove the top layer of dirt from the parking lot.
      2. Surface Sweeping: Following this, we swept the entire area with brooms, pushing the dirt into the street and grouping it for collection and disposal.
      3. Hot Water Pressure Washing: Once the surface was prepped, our crew turned on the hot water and meticulously pressure washed the parking lot, pushing the remaining dirt away and making the area look brand new.

    Our professional cleaning removed all dirt and prepared the surface for the next stage of construction. At Chrome Pressure Washing, no job is too big for us to handle. Whether it’s a large commercial space or a residential property, we are your #1 choice for pressure washing services across Oklahoma.

    If you have a messy situation that needs expert cleaning, give us a call. Chrome Pressure Washing is committed to delivering the highest quality pressure washing results.

    Call Chrome Pressure Washing today! (405-633-3673)

    Location: Norman, Oklahoma

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